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You are also likely to take more control of your own health and may start cutting out the junk food and start munching fresh fruit and vegetables with lots of wholemeal bread.

You may also lose some weight as well! Leos generally have a large noble body with broad shoulders and an oval face. They often have naturally blonde hair or will dye it blond. They are quick-sighted and have a strong resolute voice. Leo rules the heart dorsal spine and nerves as well as the blood circulation, spleen, and wrists.

Back problems are a common Leonine complaint so you must always take special care when lifting. This year the emphasis has shifted shift from material concerns to matters of the heart.

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However, all Leos will start walking with a spring in their step and will smile a lot more than in last year. Now the warnings: For some, there may be a parting of the ways but if your relationship is strong you have nothing to fear. Be particularly careful in August. You are liable to neglect your health because you are so involved in sorting out so many things during the coming year.

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This would be a good year to make positive improvements in your lifestyle. Most of you have a middle stature are slender and have a dark complexion and dark brown hair. You have a well-composed body. However, Virgo also governs the fingernails and many of you have nails that a girl would kill for. Your health worries are normally connected with bowels so make sure you get your fiber.

The radical changes are behind you and now, at last, you can begin to feel more settled. You may have experienced some health problems which are now on the mend. The second half of the year is best for you. By then everything will have clicked into place. Be sure to wrap up warm because you may be prone to colds particularly in May.

And take plenty of vitamins and minerals. Many have auburn hair a clear complexion and bright blue eyes. The illnesses you must guard against include kidney complaints and bladder disorders. This influence of Uranus in your chart throughout the coming year means that this is a year of surprises. You started the year on a low ebb with a lack of energy but by now the year has gathered momentum. A generally fortunate year but watch out for those temper fits particularly through Spring. There are travel opportunities shown in May, July, August, and September.

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You may even enjoy a sport of some kind and will brim over with energy. Be especially careful in early September. They have broad faces dusty complexions and brown bush hair. Their eyes are generally dark and they have thick necks. On the downside, their legs are often bowed and have a tendency to be hairy.

The sign of Scorpio governs the bladder colon, prostate, and nasal bones. And, surprise, surprise, it governs the sexual organs. Scorpio must be careful of hernia and may suffer from menstrual disorders. The last few years have not been easy but you may have noticed that the pressure began to ease from February on. You still tended to brood over issues and are still much too cynical. The rest of the coming year sees you being much more tolerant and easy-going. This year you will turn over a new leaf and see the way ahead with far greater clarity.

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A persistent health problem, particularly those connected with bones and joints, will be eased this year. The planets point to a recovery from illness and healing powers are at work within your life. A particularly positive month is shown for December when you or somebody close sees a great health improvement.

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Try to take it easy during March and April for you may feel that your energy reserves are low during these two months. Sagittarius are active and usually strong and tall. They are good-looking with fine clear eyes. Sagittarius often have chestnut hair and a Grecian nose.

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They look at their best with a suntan. Sagittarius governs the hip thighs and the sciatic nerve which are often areas of complaint about you. You have both strong bones and muscles. You have been experiencing a tough time and unfortunately, the trend continues for a little while longer. You are naturally restless and love freedom but have experienced a long period of restraint. March offers an opportunity for major change with journeys at this time shown. July until December brings opportunities for travel and, if you plan to move home, this is an excellent time to do it.

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You will work hard this year but look forward to an affluent and expansive time from November onwards. The planets and stars still hold you in check making you feel restless and sometimes moody. You may be prone to illnesses connected with movements such as muscular aches and pains, arthritis and rheumatism.

Also, bones and teeth may give trouble. So take extra care and keep yourself as supple as you can. Walks and light exercise will bring benefits and drink plenty of calcium-rich milk to keep your teeth and bones in peak condition. Tall slender and with a long face can be very attractive. They often have dark hair a slightly sloping forehead and a long neck.

On the downside, you suffer from weak knees and legs. And small is beautiful when it comes to Capricorn breasts. Capricorn rules the bones joints and knee-cap. Your biggest health enemies are rheumatism and dislocations of the knee and leg. Saturn has moved into the practice area of your solar chart which heralds a time of stability. The first part of the year saw you making domestic and financial compromises and you are now working on plans that will set the trend for many years ahead. This year is a good time to make improvements to the home.

Travel will be high on the agenda at this time. The latter part of the year is a good time for study and learning new skills. You may write and receive many letters this year particularly from younger people. November and December are times when you may need to free yourself from a commitment that has become a burden. So next time take it easy and recharge your batteries.

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  8. Your general physical health is good this year but you may be prone to stress. You will rarely see a short Aquarian. Some of you are also well set and maybe a little fat but generally, Aquarius are fairly healthy people. Often Aquarius have a delicate fair complexion but not pale. Hazel eyes and sandy or dark flaxen hair are common Aquarian characteristics. Aquarius governs the calves, circulation, and breath.

    Your health problems are usually caused by accidents when your ruling planet Uranus plays havoc. There are many times when you should be more careful. Destiny has some surprises in store for the rest of this year as Uranus the planet of change becomes even more firmly embedded in your sign. At the beginning of the year, the planetary activity was such that you had to move like lightning to take advantage of the good luck that came your way.