Real detroit weekly horoscopes march 2

Don't shy away from it. It's time to embrace the fact that you came here to light up the world. You don't know which end is up. The business of finding another reason to live is huge.

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As thoughts about this drive you to question absolutely everything, some of you are finding it hard to connect with anything that's going on in your environment. These things are cyclical.

Horoscopes: Sagittarius, take a more direct approach to money matters | Daily Mail Online

Don't assume that you are losing it. At times like this, certainty becomes scarce because it's our turn to cultivate faith, and lean more toward trusting that everything is unfolding as it should. You don't need to have everything sewed up. Take it easy. Make room for life to show you the way.

After what seems like an endless round of tests and trials, your head is above water and you've got space and time to anchor yourself in things that are real. For many of you there are glimmers of success that could light up the sky, if you play your cards right. The next few weeks will buy you permission to be more creative.

Motive is everything right now. All the rules changed a few years back.

What’s My (Rising) Sign? Free Ascendant Calculator Tool

Nothing matters more than the truth about what motivates you to pursue things. Keep your shoulder to the wheel and hold your heart close enough to listen to your inner voice. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph! It's a good thing you know how to play both ends to the middle because you are juggling too many conflicting interests to make it easy. Getting called to task by those who are upset that you busted up their little racket is an issue. You may be in the right, but they appear to have more power in this situation.

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How things pan out will depend on whether the people in charge can spot a liar. The actions of others could confuse things. Remain in alignment with the truth, and sit back and watch it displace all the lies that they have told. Don't count on any of these irons in the fire to pan out. It would be better for you if whatever does or doesn't come to fruition is of no consequence to you. I say this because you're in a position where it really doesn't matter where you decide to go with any of this.

You could just as easily choose not to be involved or slip out of the picture completely and it would make no difference to you. Imagine that. Now ask yourself if you know why you want this and consider what your life will turn into if you make any of it more important than remaining true to yourself. You are either waking up from this dream or swimming in it, and wondering how to transform the nightmare. One way or another, everything is on the line — and so much of it relies upon you, or so it seems.

What always causes you more trouble than it's worth is the need to keep all your bases covered. Conflicting interests, combined with complications that arise when we say one thing and do another, or, when others interfere, make it impossible to manage this ballpark. WWJ announces new anchor team for afternoon drive. Ashley's Beer and Grill closes in Westland. Deputies: Off-duty Detroit police officer shoots girlfriend.

Dollar store trying to infiltrate popular Up North vacation spot. Michigan State basketball vs. Duke: Scouting report, prediction.

Hartland man charged with sexually assaulting 2 boys. Tigers' most important players for future: Candelario the answer at first? Starbucks adds new holiday drink, starts contest. Michigan basketball vs. Louisville: Scouting report, prediction for top-5 clash. You have been working too hard lately. Even if you are unwilling to take a vacation, your brain already has! You might as well join it. Are you a little tired?

It's no wonder. You are so eager to make yourself useful that you have run yourself ragged over these past few weeks.

As you may have noticed, the world is so inert and apathetic right now that every movement requires enormous effort on your part. Why not settle down and rest today? That would be the wisest and most reasonable thing for you to do.

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You will still be needed tomorrow. You could be in a competitive mood today. You'll be eager to test your powers against another. Maybe you should hit the tennis courts or head for the basketball court. You could enjoy doing some sports with some friends.

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Or you could compete in a different way. You could market yourself in an aggressive way, competing for an important corporate account. You'll be ready to challenge yourself to new levels of achievement.